*B.D.R.* Appliers Update!!

After a few weeks of hard work (because it actually takes me a lot of time and effort preparing huds, combo appliers, remaking textures for some mesh bodies, etc), finally I have updated a few outfits, specially free/dollarbie items o.o

An updated copy has been sent to all buyers (either marketplace or in-world), if for some reason you didn't received yours, click here to visit us in-world and go to the Redelivery ATM and grab your updated copy!

What exactly has been updated? (Click on the pics for marketplace links)
1. Remember My Name
> Appliers Update: Physique - #TheMeshProject - Omega
Also I've made a little adjustment in the crotch area, now it looks way much better.

2. Out Of Your League
> Appliers Update: WowMeh - Physique - Omega -
Unfortunately I couldn't update this item with #TheMeshProject installers, because the dress is too short, and it looks a bit weird in the butt-cheeks/crotch area, the only way to fix it was deleting the "panty" of the back part of the dress and I really don't know if I could sell the dress looking like that, so I decided to not include installers.

3. Halter Dress Pack (Dollarbie)
> Appliers Update: WowMeh - Physique - Omega

4. Halter Top Pack (Dollarbie)
> Appliers Update: WowMeh - Physique - Omega
Note: I might be adding installers for #TheMeshProject soon.

5. I'm Your Only Wish (Dollarbie)
> Appliers Update: Phat Azz - Brazilia - Ghetto Booty - Perfect Bum - BANNED - Wideloads -  WowMeh - Physique - #TheMeshProject - Slink (hands) .
Also I've added 2 more colors: Pink and purple + I've fixed some small issues in the crotch area.

6. Se Habla Español (Dollarbie)
> Appliers Update: WowMeh - Physique - Omega - #TheMeshProject

Also just in case you didn't know, all our latest releases include Omega Appliers, these appliers are compatible with tons of mesh bodies/implants that we're not currently making appliers for. You only need to buy the converter according to your body part and omega appliers should work immediately!
More info > http://lovenlustdesigns.blogspot.com/
Supported mesh bodies/implants list here: http://lovenlustdesigns.blogspot.com/p/to-do-page.html



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