May 4, 2011

*B.D.R.* New Hunt

 This is the gift for The Summer Preview Hunt. This is just a little preview of the new items that will be released for the summer yay!. You have to find a surfboard.
My Hint: Find Me Under The Water o.O
See all the hints in this blog -->

*B.D.R.* Hot Styling Guide:

* Skin From Al vulo: [ bitter choco  group gift ] (May Group Gift)
* Jewelry From [MANDALA]: TAKARA BANGLE/zebra fur set
* Glasses From =Dela=: Sunglasses "RG1" Black
Hair From ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::.. : Yasik Hair Black

 Happy Hunting!

*B.D.R.* New 99L Promo: Emo Kitty Outfit


*B.D.R.* Emo Kitty. Complete Outfit. Includes: Mini dress with 2 lower options, flexi & prim skirt, 2 pair of gloves, socks, make up (For viewer 2 & similar viewers), blindfold, necklace, boots, ears & Tail. 
Available in 9 colors. Promo on Marketplace and our store in world.
Click Here to see it on Marketplace or tp to our store -->

*B.D.R.* Emo Kitty Styling Guide:

** Well this is a complete outfit lol so the other things I used for the picture were:
* Skin from Al Vulo:  Eliza (Black Bronze)
* I only use the hair of my brand for my pics, so this time I used *B.D.R.* Aiden Hair Black.

May 2, 2011

YAY We Are 6000!!!

 Wow I'm so happy!!!!! ohh finally I can some happy tears in my face y.y Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the girls for your support, for being in the group even when the store was closed in august last year, wow I don't have words to describe it but I wish I can say thank you one by one u.u!!!! but becuause I can't lol, enjoy this gift I made for you and please remember that we can we can achieve all the things we want, we just need perseverance and faith in it u.u 
Translated by google lol my english is gone sorry x.x!!!!

Also there is an extra gift, but this is for everybody :D because I've received a lot of support of girls that aren't members in the group too, I know 42 groups isn't enough at least for me :D

May 1, 2011

*B.D.R.* New Gift Of The Month

New Gift Of The Month For ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich::... Group Members :D Enjoy!! 

Gift Of the Month (May) - Black Star- Styling Card

* Skin From Al vulo:  Eliza (Black Cacoa)
* Piercing From [ < ] kOwP [ > ]: Chained Lip Rings *4-SDD-S* ~ Silver (RT)
* These are my favorite eyes u.u, If you are looking for Neko eyes this is the best option:
<<< NP >>> NEKO EYES 13 color pack C&M
* I only use the hair from my brand to make the pics and this time I used *B.D.R.* Aiden Hair Black
* The sneakers are from an outfit from *B.D.R.* too called Street Style (Black)