New Year, New Store, New Gifts!

Well, I've been working hard on this since xmas, I had a 1-2 weeks break due to some rl stuff and now finally the sim is back and open for the public, there are TONS of pictures I still need to do tho, omg and the teleporters, but at leats now is decent enough for everybody to come and see :D

The sim has been divided in little departments, in this way the stuff aren't going to get mixed and idk, I like to keep an order in SL , idk why tho, I'm a messy person in rl lol.
Anyways, these are the new departments:
- Mainstore
- Hairstore
- Outlet
- Special outfits & costumes
- La Playa (Beachwear)
- Lingerie and S&M
- Shoes

I would like to say that TONS of outfits has been removed, you can find our old releases in our outlet (discount up to 70%),some outfits will be back tho, but I need to update it first and yes I'm still working in appliers for old outfits, but I need to fix my old computer first so I can do it.

Some screenshots:

And this isn't everything, now we have a new vendor system, products are bagged now and you can get store credit for your purchases in world and marketplace!
- Inworld: 15% for group member & 5% for everybody
- Marketplace: 5% for everybody
Also you can re-delivery marketplace products from our marketplace store.

* Warning: Store credit and redelivery features are available since feb-14-2014!

> Welcome gifts!

There are 2 special gifts, well, almost gifts (1L):

Here you can see the "after and before", I really like this set, so I wanted to update it and I totally love the way it looks now.

Tons of new stuff soon!
I hope you enjoy your stay in our sim
Cameron Vasiliov


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