Nov 16, 2013

*B.D.R.* Introducing Solo Packs!

Now with mesh is much easier to work with more fabrics and colors for the same model and I save a lot of time doing it and it's going to save space in your inventory. That's why I've decided to star making solo packs.

I will always try to make as many colors/fabrics as I can and of course full outfit options too ;)

Normal Price: 200L (16 colors) / 50% OFF Intro Price, this means you can find each package for 100L, from today until next saturday. (Basics colors pack for having 20 colors Normal price is 250L and promo price 125L). Fat Pack option available too!

Promo valid in-world and Marketplace.

(Due to the large amount of pictures it's a bit difficult for me to add all the styling cards)

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