Oct 20, 2013

*B.D.R.* Clothing Update Process: Appliers for Halloween Costumes

As you already know, I'm currently updating the old outfits and because halloween is almost here, then I decided to get them ready as soon as I can.
So far, I've made appliers for 7 of them, thanks a lot for your requests on this!

To save space in your inventory I've decided to make a multi HUD, so basically all appliers are together in 1.

Appliers are available for these brands:
- Lolas Tango
- BBusty (Ubera)
- Lush
- Phat Azz (Only if it's actually possible to add it), if a Phat Azz applier is included then expect an adjusted skirt included so you don't have to do much work by editing the old skirt ;)

You can find the appliers on our Store in-world or Marketplace for only 1L each (with exception of Smexy Halloween because that's a free dress already).

Also you can click on any of the vendor pictures below to get the direct link to Marketplace:

                                                                                                    Little Red Riding Hood Alternative pic

Cameron Vasiliov

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