*B.D.R.* Clothing Update Process: PornStar Outfit

I'm currently working in updating the old outfits, checking what I can save and what definitely has to go.
This is one of the of the outfits I decided to start with because I just love this dress:

*B.D.R.* PornStar:
  Version 2013:

 - What exactly has been updated? 
Absolutely all the textures has been modified, I've added better shadow and lighting effects so now it looks better when you wear it and not so "plain" as the old version. 
Lolas Tango version has been added as well (Phat Azz coming soon I still need to check how it works and find a decent skin to make the add).
New sandals has been added too, (non rigged) and now it includes our latest V5 Skin & Nail HUD.
The price remain the same ($150L).

If you bought this outfit before 12/09/2013 please contact me anytime, if you bought it on the marketplace I just need your name to find the transaction but if you bought it in-world I may need a picture of you wearing the old version as proof that you actually bought the product. 

 - See it on Marketplace Here
- TP to *B.D.R.* Here

*B.D.R.* PornStar V. 2013 Styling Card:

- Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Portia ] - [ Choco ] (Appliers included!)
- Implants: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
- Shape: .Pekka. Manuella Shape (Al Vulo - Julia)
- Nails & Rings: [MANDALA]MILKY WAY RING & NAILS/gaga black
- Make Up:
* Eyeliner & Pouty Lips: - DAMNED -  Tribal Make up + base hair / 4 Versions
* Eeyshadow:  .:Glamorize:. Forever Night Eye Makeup - 10
- Hair: Eaters Coma - HAIR 23 / NOIR

Enjoy the new version :3
Cameron Vasiliov.


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