*B.D.R.* New Releases!

Finally some new stuff, also IF time helps me u.u there will be more this week or this weekend, I had so much stuff planned for this summer since 2 months ago and I can't believe only until now I have time to upload the textures/meshes to sl :/

But well, this is just a fresh start, I hope you like the new stuff ;)

- *B.D.R.* Wild Sensation: Includes: Paisley loose tube top, rigged mesh in 5 standard sizes and also it includes 5 extra curvy sizes (No alpha needed because is a semi-transparent fabric). Also includes: *Jeans in 5 S. Sizes, pasties (optional!) *Platform Heels (Non-Rigged) *Boots *Ears & Tail *Alpha Layers.

NOTE: Since 15-07-2013 I've started including the alpha textures so you can modify them by yourself (if necessary/if wanted).

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 *B.D.R.* Sweet Sensation: This is the same top as Wild Sensation outfit, but it includes a different fabric. This outfit also includes: *Jeans in 5 S. Sizes, pasties (optional!) *Platform Heels (Non-Rigged) *Boots *Ears & Tail (with and w/o bow) *Alpha Layers.

- Available in 3 colors: Black, White and Pink.

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- WARNING: The textures of the tube top for this outfit has been mad ein .PNG ormat, this means, the textures has transparency. This "transparency" can make some parts of your top insible if you wear a mesh hair or a sculpted/flexi hair with transparency textures on it.

But don't worry, this is just a normal behavior of the meshes, but it has a simply solution: Detach the hair and wear it again. Bang! problem solved ;)

- The top is double sided! (Not invisible in the inside)

Enjoy :3
Cameron Vasiliov


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