*B.D.R.* Happily Ever After???

Well, first of all, I'm sorry for the delay, I've been extremely busy in rl and it has been very difficult for me to be updating the Blog, Flickr, Faccebook and even the store in world :/

Now I'm back and I'm the happy sponsor of this new hunt called Happily Ever After??? (HEA).

 Info about the Hunt:
- Date: June 30 - July 30
- Official Website (All Hints & SLurls) -> http://katnipzevents.blogspot.de/p/happ.html
- Staring Point -> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beautiful%20Dirty%20Rich/128/111/22
- Price: 5L
- Hunt Item: Basically you have to find the good or the bad apple, in my case I chose a bad apple (Black color).
- Hint: I love my new Mac!
- Hunt Gift:

Happy Hunting!
Cameron Vasiliov


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