*B.D.R.* @ WCF2!

Striving in bringing you the best of the best in Second Life Whore wear !

Deep inside every woman is a dirty girl waiting to come out, a locked up closet whore that needs to be unleashed! Whore Couture can help you to achieve such thing. All the naughty and kinky desires will be release at this Fair!

Come if you dare to be the bad girl that is deep with in.

For second year, I'm so happy to said that I was invited to this amazing event: Whore Couture Fair 2
The event started in March 1st and now there is only a few days left until it's over.

I've made 2 exclusive outfits, you can find them ONLY at WCF2 sim:

More info about WCF -> http://whorecouturefair.blogspot.ca/

Whore Couture Fair is Sponsored By

The Whore Couture Fair is planned by Flair For Events.


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