Oct 27, 2012

*B.D.R.* New Halloween Costumes and Promos

First of all, I want to apologize for being absent all this time, but I really needed a break and well now after a few months away I can say damn I miss sl *-*!!!!! and is just amazing to see all the changesand all the new stuff time and such a little time x.x!

I've been working on a few halloween outfits, as you know halloween is one of my favorite days of the year but unfortunately I was able to make only 5 :/ I hope next year I start with 1 month of anticipation xD

*B.D.R.* Jester

Sexy latex mesh catsuit available in 5 sizes and also includes black/red heels and sculpted hat

 *B.D.R.* Queen Of Hearts

Black eather corset with a lace detail in front and back (Mesh) available in 5 sizes, the skirts even when they are flexi they come in 5 sizes, also includes: bow for skirt, fishnets, gloves, sculpted crown and black leather boots (sculpted)

*B.D.R.* Smexy Halloween

If you're not a big fan of cotumes but still you like to celebrate halloween, this may be the perfect outfit for you :D Leather catsuit black/orange heels (All 100% Mesh)

*B.D.R.* Bewitched

Sexy laced up corset (mesh) black/orange with a white mini top + sculpted sleeves, flexi skirt, fishnets, witch hat and black leather boots (sculpted)

*B.D.R.* Snow White

Fairy tales costumes can't be missing here :D Blue mesh corset in 5 sizes, long and short flexi skirts, sculpted bow for skirt and head, mini cape, stockings and gloves, mesh heels

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