*B.D.R.* 2 New Hunts

I'm back after a few vacational weeks :D 

There is 2 current hunts in the store, one of the is the Happy New Year Hunt, started on January 1st and it goes till January 31st. the other hunt starts today (Jan 8) and it goes till January 31st too :D

- Happy New Year Hunt Info:

Basically what you need to find is a top hat, please note this is a Group Hunt, so if you want to participate you must join to the group Fashion Forward In SL.

This is the link, you can copy and paste it in local chat --> secondlife:///app/group/5fc35ec5-c423-cfe5-d0c8-49d23e0fead9/about

Ok, you can find the hints inside each gift, for example, if you go to my store and find my gift, you will receive note card with the hint for the next store, that's why you need to go to the starting point first :D

This is my Gift btw *-* (For the styling card touch the picture to go to Flickr)
My Hint: The Onyx woman is holding your destiny

- Urban Winter Hunt Info:

Well, I'm not sure how to call the hunt object in english :/ so I decided to make a picture :D

That what you need to find, the hunt is open for everybody, you can fidn the hints for the other stores on this blog --> http://sinistersyndicatesl.wordpress.com/

My Hint: ... Find me... Under the water ....

This is my Gift btw *-* (For the styling card touch the picture to go to Flickr)

Happy Hunting ^.^


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