*B.D.R.* New Gift Of The Month

New Gift Of The Month For ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich::... Group Members :D Enjoy!! 

Gift Of the Month (May) - Black Star- Styling Card

* Skin From Al vulo:  Eliza (Black Cacoa)
* Piercing From [ < ] kOwP [ > ]: Chained Lip Rings *4-SDD-S* ~ Silver (RT)
* These are my favorite eyes u.u, If you are looking for Neko eyes this is the best option:
<<< NP >>> NEKO EYES 13 color pack C&M
* I only use the hair from my brand to make the pics and this time I used *B.D.R.* Aiden Hair Black
* The sneakers are from an outfit from *B.D.R.* too called Street Style (Black)


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