*B.D.R.* @ Winter Fair

Well, after 2 weeks of hard work finally I can say I'm done for today lol and now it's time for you to go and check all the new releases of all this amazing designers that are participating in this wonderful event, so if you're looking for winter clothing this is the place for you!
The event started today (Dec 3rd) and it goes till December 17th

I've made 4 exclusive outfits, 2 for ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... and 2 for *B.D.R.* Basics :D also there is a new naughty gift \o/ Remember they are not for sale in the store! only at Winter Fair Sim :)

btw, these vendors are provisional, because I didn't had all the time to make all the vendors, you know I like to make a picture for each color not just add a texture to a box -.- 

Ok, now time for the new stuff! \o/ 
(Remember to check the styling card to get the look as the picture, also styling cards with Landmarks are included with all the outfits ^.^)

1. *B.D.R.* Smexy Winter: Awww this is my new favorite dress u.u!! 
Includes: Sexy Knit Dress in 2 styles: Waterfall collar in the front or the back *Lace Leggins *Sleeves *Leather Boots - Available in 9 Colors
- Styling Card Here

2. *B.D.R.* Waiting 4 U: Sooooooo sexy, what a best way to wait for your lover :O
Includes: *Open coat with leopard print in 3 Styles: Complete fur, Seams Fur or Without Fur also includes Jacket base and sleeves with and without fur *Lingerie Set: Corset, Thong, Stockings, NOTE: I've made the lingerie set in 2 versions Light and Dark (To match with your skin tone)
Also includes leather boots, fedora hat and a naughty black knitted dress. 
Available in 3 colors: Beige, Pink and White.
- Styling Card Here

 This is the Dark Version and this is how the corset looks WITHOUT the thong :D


3.  *B.D.R.* Winter Dream: Awwww but if you want to look cute, this is the best option u.u!!!
Includes:* Cape with Jacket base, Alpha for breast and sleeves *White knitted dress with sleeves and skirt *Socks with socks top *Uggs *Scarf - Available in 6 colors.
Styling Card Here

4. Keep Me Warm: Looove! the jacket u.u!!
Includes: *Knitted jacket with Jacket base layer and sleeves Upper and lower, with and without Alpha prim, also includes an Alpha Layer to cover your arms (Optional) *Sweater with sculpted bottom, collar and sleeves *Knit hat *Jeans: Ripped and no ripped *Uggs *Ears & Tail
- Available in 8 Colors.
- Stying Card Here

And now time for the naughty gift yay!
This is called Smexy Xmas, yes I know it doesn't look like a christmas outfit but at least the dresses are red and green :P
Both dresses includes 3 upper styles: White bra, black bra and without bra :Q__
NOTE: This outfit was made in all possible layers: Jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants and underpants so please be patient when you're buying it, also because of the lag it may take you more time to download. But if definitely the item don't download please contact me :)
- Styling Card Here

Have a wonderful weekend and happy shopping!!


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