*B.D.R.* New Complete Outfit

Ok I'm back after a short vacations :D 
(I was in a Aerosmith's Concert aaaaaaaaah, a day that I will never forget that's for sure)

You already saw the sneak peek with the gift of the month and the hunt gift, but now i've made more colors :)

This outfit includes: * Knit Dress in 3 Styles: 1. Half Striped Dress 2. Full Striped Dress 3. One Color Dress * 2 Prim Skirts * Striped and One color socks * Beret Hat * Collar and Sleeves * Knitted Boots 
This outfit is available in 8 colors and you can find it in 99L promo on Marketplace and Our store too (The location of the entrance has been changed btw)
See it on Marketplace Here or TP to our store Here - Styling Card Here

Have a great weekend!


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