Nov 19, 2011

*B.D.R.* Hey Baby I'm A Rockstar!!!

This is my new favorite outfit :D The release of today is called Rockstar, includes a sexy open leather jacket with sculpted bottom also includes a cracked and no cracked version and you can wear it wihout the skull logo too, also includes: collar and sleeves, leather leggins, leather mini skirt, writing tattoo, fishnet leggins, leather boots, guitar, ears & tail

This outfit is available in 6 colors and a Denim Version, you can find it in 99L promo on marketplace and our store too ^.^

- See it on Marketplace Here - TP to *B.D.R.* Here - Styling Card Here 

- Denim Version. 
The only diffference is that this includes Denim Skirt and Jeans mixed with black leather.

Inspired on Rockstar 101 (I love this song *-*)

Have agreat weekend ^.^

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