*B.D.R.* New Special Halloween Hairstyle

Well this hairstyle is not 100% New x.x When the store was closed in august last year, I decided to make all the pictures of the vendors again, but till today there still a lot of hairstyles boxed in my inventory :/ I hope I can update more hairstyles in december because I will no be studying yay! 
But I've edited the spider web and added a new and better texture ^.^

This is a special hairstyle for Halloween and includes 3 styles:
 1. Without spider web and black lace
2. With spider web and black lace
3. With spider web and without lace
Available in 6 basic colors: Black, Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown, Majestic and Red.
- See it on Marketplace Here - Styling Card Here - TP to our store Here


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