*B.D.R.* New Halloween Costumes ^.^

Ok this is going to be a looong post, because I made a lot of pics :D

Well today we have only 5 costumes, I hope I can finish the other part the next week x.x or at least before 31th lol

You can find all the new halloween outfits in 99L on Marketplace and our store in world --> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beautiful%20Dirty%20Rich/68/132/24

*B.D.R.* Crime Scene. Awww this is my favorite u.u!! I always wanted to make this outfit since I saw Lady Gaga's Video called Telephone :Q__ 
This outfit is available in 2 versions: Human and Nek. Includes: Sexy crime scene dress, Knot, bracelet, blindfold, latex ankle boots, boomers, ears & Tail.
You may see it on Marketplace Here and the Styling Card Here

Check out the video :D

*B.D.R.* Black Widow. Personally in RL I don't like spiders but in SL I love to make this kind of outfits :S This outfit includes a sexy black leather dress, stockings and gloves, make up, spider on the back x.x, sleeves, sandals, Ears & Tail
See it On Marketplace Here and Styling Card Here

*B.D.R.* Jessica. inspired on Jessica Rabbit as you can see in the pic below, she is so SEXY!! :Q__ So I wanted to do something like this too. Includes: Sexy red glitter dress, gloves, make up and Sandals.
See it on Marketplace Here and Styling Card Here  

Meet Jessica

*B.D.R.* She Devil. This is a sexy latex outfits in 2 styles: Leotard and Catsuit, Pony boots and all Demon accessories x.x
See it on Marketplace Here and Styling Card Here

*B.D.R.* Catwoman. I just love this outfit. It's a complete latex catsuit and also includes a blackeyeshadow, latex ankle boots, ears and tail.
See it on Marketplace Here and Styling Card Here

Happy Halloween!!!


Lyrilen said…
The are AMAZING! And the photography is AWESOME!

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