Sep 1, 2011

*B.D.R.* Introducing *B.D.R.* Basics

*B.D.R.* Basics is what I call clothing that doesn't comes with ears and tail, basically is that :D
I love to make neko clothing, I really do, because I wear it all the time (Imma kitty =^.^=). And for me it's very difficult to wear an outfit without tail and ears that match with the color. That's why you can see almost all the outfits with ears and tail, it doesn't matter if it is a sexy lace and leather dress lol
But also sometimes I want to make just a sexy mini dress, or a blouse, top, t-shirt or jeans, something that you can mix and match with other outfits you have, but I can't add a tail to that. So that's why I decided to create this sub-brand.
Don't worry I'm still making neko outfits lol ... also I've created a new vendor so you can recognize both brands. And the permissions on the clothes is the same: Copy-Mod-Transfer and the styling card is included too yay!
I don't have a logo yet :/ But I hope you like the new items we have for this new side of *B.D.R.* u.u!!!!

** So today we have 2 new outfits. 99L Promo On Marketplace and Our store.

1. *B.D.R.* Celebration: Sexy glitter dress with 2 upper styles: Strapless and One Sleeve. Also Includes Glitter Sandals. Available in 9 Colors.
- See it on marketplace Here 
- Styling Card Here

2. *B.D.R.* Attraction. Sexy sheer catsuit. Sandals included. Available in 2 colors: Black & White.
See it on Marketplace Here 

Have a great day ^.^

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