*B.D.R.* & American Bazar Birthday Hunt (ABBH)

Yay new hunt! This time I have a sexy glitter dress for you :Q___ It's the first annyversary of this amazing store American Bazar and I'm so happy to participate in this hunt ^.^
The theme of this hunt: Glam, Party
My Hint: I have a new letter every week
You can see all the hints here:  http://americanbazaarfashion.blogspot.com/p/abbh-stores-and-hints.html
You can see the Styling card Here

Well, it was a little bit hard for me to make this outfit because I can't add ears or tail lol, It just doesn't look good with this kind of fabric and de design of the dress :/
But I'm happy with the results, I love this dress u.u!! It's called Celebration. And I've made this exclusive color (Magenta) for the hunt. When the hunt is over it will be gone forever x.x

Happy hunting and congrats to Missqwerty <3


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