*B.D.R.* New Letter Of The Week

The letter of this week is the B. So ..... well the promo for this week is like a re-make of an old outfit, thanks to my dear friend Guinevere Millet for the sexy idea!!! <3
You already know the outfit I made it for the easter, the Sexy Bunny, we added a Bunny Egg with 12 Poses and change color menu. So you can make your pics or play with it, you can create a color that match with your furniture or outfit. It's your choice ^.^
This new Bunny Edition has been released for the L.O.W. Event. You can find it in promo only 4 days, starting today til July 24th.
You can buy the Bunny Egg alone if you already have the bunny Outfit in half price for only 150L (No Transfer Version) and 125L (No Copy Version)
Also you can find it together Bunny Outfit+Bunny Egg with +70% Off only 100L. Available in 6 Colors.
Promo on Marketplace Here and our store inworld --> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beautiful%20Dirty%20Rich/88/174/23
There is a Demo in our store if you're not sure :)
Styling Card Here

And you already know the Bunny Outfit ^.^

Have a great day!
Cameron Vasiliov


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