Jul 3, 2011

*B.D.R.* New Gift Of The Month

Yay! New month=New Gift!! 
Remeber to active your group tag to receive the gift :)
And if you are not a member of our group copy and paste this link in local chat to join (It's free!): secondlife:///app/group/2279a665-02d6-1571-e2cb-54b7142f19c5/about

The outfit of this month is also a sneak peek of an outfit I'm working, I hope it will be released in 2 or 3 weeks in more colors :D But for now this color is exclusive for group members only ^.^

*B.D.R.* Angry Kitty (Cyan). Includes: *Buckle Top *Leather Mini Top & Pants *Tattoo *Arm Warmers *Scarf *Mask *Mimi Hat *Boots *Ears &Tail

Styling Card Here

And as I always say THANK YOU!!! so much for being a member of *B.D.R.* Group u.u!!!!!!
Cameron Vasiliov

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