The Creature Feature Hunt

Today a new hunt started, is called the Creature Feature Hunt, thanks to Zombina for making something like this I really like it ^.^ I don't know I just like to do new things, not always normal clothes lol
This is my gift for the hunt, YES the hair is included, and this hair has not been released yet and the clothes too so you will have an exclusive gift yay!
My hint: I may look like an angel but I'm not, the only thing I do is to bring love to everybody. 
Hunt Object: A Bone
About the other stores hints, well for now it's better if you join to the group and ask via chat group :D 
You can join to the group Here

*B.D.R.* Beautiful Creature Styling Card
* Skin & From Dream Ink: DREAM INK-SF-ISABELLA-DD2-19
* Shape From Dream Ink: DREAM INK-SF-ISABELLA-SHAPE (I edited the body)
* Eyes From << np >>: Vampire Eyes 10 color FATPACK (I used Grave)
* Jewelry From [MANDALA]: TAKARA BANGLE/zebra fur set

   Happy Hunting!

  Cameron Vasiliov


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