Jun 29, 2011

*B.D.R.* New 4th Of July Outfits Only 20L!

Yay Promos!! :D well I'm not from the US but still I celebrate this day ^.^

I've made 6 outfits specially for this occasion and one of them is free, check it out:
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1. *B.D.R.* Miss Independence. Includes: Usa Bikini, Leather Skirt, Jacket and Boots, Flag Tattoo, Fishnet Leggins, Blindfold, Ears & Tail.
Styling Card Here

2. *B.D.R.* Patriotic Kitty. Includes: Naughty Bikini Top, Low Rise Pants, Stars Tattoo, Flag On Mouth, Boots, Ears & Tail.
See Styling Card Here

3. *B.D.R.* Made In The USA. Includes: Dress in 4 styles: 1. Fishnet stars and stripes 2. Plain stars and stripes 3. Fishnet stars and plain stripes 4. Plain stars and fishnet stripes. Gloves, 2 pair of ears, tail and boots (Red & Blue).
See Styling Card Here

4. Miss USA. Includes: Sexy glitter dress with 2 lower styles (Sexy & Nice), Glitter Sandals with skin & nail HUD
See Styling Card Here

5. *B.D.R.* Patriotic Summer Pack. Includes: USA Bikini, Monokini and Swuimsuit, also includes Flag Tattoo and 2 phrase tattoos.
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6. This is the special freebie yay! It's a fat pack of 8 mini tops inspired in 4th of july ^.^
Styling Card Here

Happy Independence Day My Kitties!!! =^.^=
Cameron Vasiliov

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