Feb 2, 2011

*B.D.R.* New Outfits With Tattoo

 *B.D.R.* Revolution. Complete Outfit. Includes: Ripped Top And Pants. Denim Suspenders. Fishnet Gloves And Socks. Letter Tattoo. Pasties. Leather Boots. Gas Mask With Breathing And Smoke Effects.Ears & Tail. Available in 2 Colors: Marketplace Link For Black Here And For White Here

 *B.D.R.* Envy Me. Complete Outfit. Includes: Naughty Top, Pasties, Denim Hot Pants, Letter Tattoo, Ankle Boots With Skin & Nail HUD. Ears & Tail. Click Here To See It On Marketplace.

 *B.D.R* Sexy As Hell. Complete Outfit. Low Rise Ripped Jeans, White Top in 2 Version Normal Pattern And Semi-transaparent Pattern, Sculpted Bows, Pasties, Tattoo, Heels With Skin HUD, Bracelet, Ears & Tail. Click Here To See It On Marketplace

 *B.D.R.* Tell Me Your Story. Complete Outfit. Includes: Leggins, Dots Mini Top, Letter Tattoo, Pasties, Sandals With Skin & Nail HUD, Ears & Tail. Available in 3 Colors: Pink, Black And Lilac.
Click Here To See Black, Click Here To See Pink and Click Here To See Lilac.

*B.D.R.* Sweet Escape. Compete Outfit. Includes: Striped Knit Dress, Skirt, Cuffs, Collar, Lace Mask, Fishnet Socks And Leggins, Boots, Ears And Striped Tail o.O. 
Available in 3 Colors: Black, Red & Brown.
Click Here To See Black , Click Here To See Red, Click Here To See Brown On Marketplace.

**Remember You Can See All This Items Inworld Too

** All The Hairs Our Models Are Wearing Are From *B.D.R.* too ^.^

 I hope you like all this new releases.
Cameron Vasiliov.

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