Mar 1, 2012

*B.D.R.* @ Whore Couture Fair

Is time to get naughty!!!! :D The Whore Couture Fair has started and if you and if you like to look sexy this is the place for you!

The good thing about this Fair is that you can find the outfits available on the main sim and our store too, because we know that the sim may be full x.x and do not make me talk about the F. Lag >.<

I 've made 2 special outfits for this event, i hope you like them ^.^ Please note that they are not available on the marketplace yet because i need to make all the vendor pics first x.x

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1. PornStar: Sexy fishnet mini dress with 2 lower styles (Whit and Without Belt), Fishnet socks and heels with Skin & Nail HUD. 
Available in 8 colors: Black, White, Red, Hot Pink, Yellow, Green, Cyan and Purple.
(Touch the picture to see the Flickr Styling Card)

2. Ultimatum: OMG! This is one my favorites, I think I'll do a fishnet verison too :P 
This outfit includes a sexy leather and lace mini dress with scarf, sleeves and hoodie. Also includes socks and Platform boots. 
Available in 9 colors: Black, White, Red, Brown, Magenta, Purple, Green, Cyan and Blue.
(Touch the picture to see the Flickr Styling Card) 

Happy Shopping