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I still remember back in 2011 when one of my best friends showed me her Muse boobs, I was like wth girl that's huge!, then I took a break from SL and when I came back in 2013 she introduced me Lolas Tango, I was like nooooo I'm never going to buy that!, but thanks to my customers asking me about appliers I didn't had other choice.
I'm glad I did it tho, I'm a Tango lover now :3

Implants & Appliers FAQ:

Q: What is an applier?
A: For me an applier it's a HUD that used to apply the texture on your body attachment (boobs, butt, hands, etc) so you can mix and match with your normal clothing layers.

Q: What are implants?
A: Implants are pretty much body-attachments that you put in your avatar for enhancing the appearance (most of them made in mesh). 

Q: What kind of implants I can find?
A: There are a lot of options for you, from boobs, butt, pregnant belly, hands, feet, mouth, even mesh head! or fitted mesh complete bodies!!!

Q: I bought an outfit from you but the boobs/butt/hands are missing!
A: We do NOT sell the implants, we only sell the clothing appliers to mix and match with these body add-ons.

Q: I don't like implants, can I still wear your outfits?
A: Yes! you can wear the clothes or mesh outfits with and without appliers, the clothes are always designed originally to fit SL bodies anyways :)

Q: Why I cannot see the applier?
A: Make sure to wear the right brand for the appliers, or make sure your implants aren't in "naked" mode, you might need to wear the HUD given by the sellers to make visible the clothing parts.


The Implants List
This is the list of the implants I personally recommend also most of them are very popular, of course there are other brands out there but for my appliers HUD I only work with these.

✪ Boobs Implants

There is a great variety of boobs out there, although not all of them have demo but make sure to check them all before buying!

I've made some screenshots of the boobs I currently work with, there are more brands yes, but I only make appliers for these brands:

1. Lolas Tango & Mirage
Sold in-world only, no demo available,  appliers for Tango Mirage may require a bit tweaking.

2. BBusty (Ubera) Magnus & Magna
Sold in-world and Marketplace too, no demo available, compatible with Tango Appliers (Magnus version may require a translator which is also sold in their store), due to their round and large shape the appliers look a bit deformed but is nothing to be worried about.

 3. Lush
Sold in-world and Marketplace too, demo is available, compatible with Tango Appliers (You always need to wear Lush HUD if you want the appliers to work), due to their round small shape the appliers require a bit of adjustment, but compared to Lolas Tango the patterns doesn't get deformed that much.

4. Puffy!
Sold in-world and Marketplace too, demo is available, compatible with Tango appliers, it doesn't require much adjustment because their shape easily fit clothing templates and the pattern doesn't get deformed that much + the Top Layer has a extended bottom which covers a small area in the ribs.

5. vString (Evo)
Sold in-world and Marketplace too, but demo is sold only in-world!, compatible with Tango appliers, it requires building skills because these boobs have different layers, so you need to move the layers to find the UVtop layer and then adjust it, I normally do all this process for you when I add vString appliers to my HUD, but if you buy from other brand then you might have to do this by yourself. vString offers a great variety of boob shapes, when you buy these you'll get 6 shapes!

I only work with vString (x_x) > Evo, which is the smaller breasts size sold by Violet Studios. I do not support appliers for vString XL and XXL or other series.

✪ Butt Implants:
One of my favorite add-ons that's for sure, I'm a latin girl so big booties are very common here :D
Butt implants are very basic tho, most of them only have Pant Layer, Underpant/Panty layer and Skin Layer, only a few brands includes "Tattoo" layer.

1. Phat & Cute Azz
Sold in-world only, demo is not available, 2 leg versions included, for being the first butt implant released, this is definitely the most popular, so it's easier to find clothing with appliers for this brand than others, although other butt implants brands offer a "translation option" so you can wear phat azz appliers too :3
2 butt sizes have been released so far and both implants requires belly size modification.

 2. Brazilia
Sold in-world only, demo is available, Phat azz appliers compatible (directly or through note switching), this store offers a huge variety of sizes and shapes but according to the bottom shape it may require body adjustments.
Show in picture "Combo Kiss"
3. Ghetto Booty
Sold in-world and Marketplace, demo is available, Phat Azz appliers compatible (Through switching notes). There are currently 3 sizes (sold separately): Ghetto booty [01], [02] and [03], number [01] and [03] due to their size it requires body modification.
Also now there is a fitted mesh version of this butt!
When you buy the G booty, you'll get the complete bottom and the legs in multiple lengths (the length is pretty much like when we wear an Alpha mask), this is for better fitting with boots or digi legs.
Shown in picture "G Booty [02]"

4. [BANNED] Booty
Sold in-world and Marketplace too, demo is available, Phat Azz compatible (through switching notes). This store is currently offering a great variety of butt sizes, from small butt to big butt and from petite butt to Fitmesh butt, also it includes different leg lengths (same as G booty)
Shown in picture "[BANNED] Mesh Booty
 5. Perfect Bum
 Sold in-world and Marketplace too, demo is available, Phat Azz compatible (through switching notes). This butt, is very similar to our default body bottom, so if you're not a big butt lover, than this might be the best option for you. When you buy the Perfect bum, you're going to receive 2 bottoms, 1 made in normal mesh and other in fitted mesh + it includes multiple leg lengths (controlled via HUD) and also it has Tattoo Layer.

6. Wideloads Polymorph.

Sold in-world only, demo is available, Phat Azz compatible (through switching notes). This is a fully fitted mesh implant, there are a few sizes available, it definitely requires body adjustment, unfortunately i don't have a picture of this bottom, but you can find more info in their blog (Adult).

✪ Slink Avatar Enhancement
Slink offers a great variety of Hands and Feet, what makes these body attachment so freaking awesome is the fact that it can use SL Body Templates, that means that you can get an applier for the same exact skin tone you have (provided only by the skin seller).
Also it can work with a HUD for easy coloring, but appliers are definitely the best choice.
So if you hate your default SL hands or those ugly flat feet, than Slink is what you need <3 p="">There are demos provided on Marketplace and their store in-world, there are a few models for hands and 3 for feet (flat, mid, high).
It may require a bit body adjustment to fit. These body add-ons are No Modify!
Shown in picture: Slink hands "Flat" and slink "High Feet".

✪ Baby Bump
The baby bump it's a rigged mesh belly in 4 sizes and 2 different stages of pregnancy.
Sold in-world and Marketplace too. It requires body adjustment and it works with SL Body Templates, so you can ask to your skin maker to get appliers for baby bump :3

✪ Mesh Heads
I do not offer appliers for mesh heads, but if you're interested in this then you can check these websites:
> Slink Visage 
> The Mesh Head Project

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