Mesh FAQ's

Q: What is Mesh?
A: Mesh is the capability of creating 3D items with 3D softwares such as Maya, 3D max, blander, etc.
There are 2 types of mesh:
- Rigged: It is going to move with your avatar, however you cannot change the size or position.
- Non-Rigged/Unrigged: This is a static object, you can change the size and positions, this is pretty much like sculpted/old prims.

Q: What is Fitted Mesh?
A: According to the wiki:
"Fitted Mesh is a technique in which an avatar's collision bones are used to add further deformation detail to an avatar or clothing. The benefit of this technique is that it allows mesh clothing and avatars to be adjusted using an avatar's Body Shape sliders in the Appearance Editor. This results in clothing that can adjust and fit to your avatar's own personal body shape and style"
In my opinion it is just a kind of mesh that is going to fit your body better than normal mesh because it is going to stretch more (it is adjusted to more collision bones).
Fitted mesh was released in 2014 and old viewers don't support it.
> Viewers that support Fitted Mesh:
Second Life official Viewer
Firestorm 4.6

Q: Why do I need to wear Alpha Mask?
A: Mesh is going to adjust to the avatar bones, unfortunately not all of them, that means that some parts of your body are going to pop-up through the object, that's why you need to wear the Alpha mask provided.
Keep in mind that sometimes alpha masks are not going to fit all sizes, it all depends on the design. I always try to make a variety of alpha "sizes" so it can fit to large or small bodies, also remember that alpha textures are included with almost all our clothing so you can save the texture in your computer and edit it in a graphics software.

Q: Why there are so many sizes included?
A: As you already know we cannot change the size of a rigged mesh object or change the position, this is the reason why there is a variety of sizes included, also it is going to fit more body sizes.

Q: What is Standard Sizing?
A: According to the standard sizing creators:
"Standard Sizing is a system created to standardize avatar shapes so that rigged mesh clothing can be created to fit most adult human female avatars and so that consumers will be able to objectively identify their own avatar with one of the Standard Sizes, enabling them to comfortably purchase rigged mesh clothing and accessories. We have created a group of 5 shapes representing the 5 most common adult human female avatar sizes in Second Life: Extra Extra Small, Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large"
In other words (at least my personal opinion), standard sizes works as a "guide" to create and fit mesh objects such as hair (although some hair creator have their own head sizes), clothes, shoes, etc.
You don't need to have the same shape values as the shapes provided from the Standard Sizing, I have adjusted my shape to a XS mesh outfit and now it works great with almost all XS sizes.
Not all mesh clothing is made based on the standard sizing of course, is not an obligation, as I said this is just a guide for creators.

Q: How do I know if a product has been made based on the Standard Sizing?
A: There is a special logo for this:

I always add this logo to my vendors (only for mesh outfits ofc), but, if you don't see this logo and the product for sale it's a mesh outfit, it means that the meshes weren't made based on the standard sizing system.

Q: Where can I buy the standard sizes?
You can buy the shapes for free on the Marketplace, remember that you don't need to have the same body values to fit a mesh item made  based on this system!

Q: Only 1 size for Fitted Mesh clothes?
A: Yes, normally there is only 1 size included, as I said earlier fitted mesh is going to adjust to your body way better than old meshes do, sometimes there is more than 1 fitted mesh size included tho, we always need to remember that we're not all the same size, so the more sizes = more fitting for larger bodies.

Q: Why the root prim is an invisible box?
A: Normally those little hidden boxes in your body are added as root prim to prevent the costumers to see who the "real creator" is, in this way when there is a problem with the outfit the customer is going to contact the seller directly and not the real creator of the mesh.

Q: Why I cannot select the mesh clothes I'm wearing?
A: The main reason why you cannot select a mesh object (while you're wearing it) is because of the part of the body the mesh has been attached.
By default (after uploading the mesh) all objects are attached to "Right Hand", some creators don't bother about selecting which part of the body the mesh should go, this is why you see the annoying message: "attached to R Hand" (I gotta admit I hate when this happens).
Normally I attach the upper body objects to "Left Pec".
- Pros: You can wear more stuff without "adding" object after object all the time (such as necklace, implants, jackets, etc)
- Cons: It makes it difficult for the user to select the mesh
For lower body objects (pants/skirts) I like to attach it to "Pelvis", the mesh it's going to be easier to select while it is in this position.
> TIP: You can change the attachment position of a mesh object, for example: a skirt added to R Hand and you want to add it to Stomach or Pelvis, simply select the skirt in your inventory -> right click -> Attach to -> (select body part here), you can select ANY body part you want, the mesh is always going to be positioned in the same part (only for rigged meshes tho).

Q: Why I cannot see the mesh and why it looks out of place?
A: The only thing I can say about this is: Clear your chache woman!
Although Lag and/or slow connection may cause this issues too, but normally is cache
- Cleaning Cache:
✦ With Phoenix-Firestorm viewer: Go to Preferences (Ctrl+P) > select Network and Cache tab > Click on the "Clear Cache" button > Apply > Ok, Ok > Restart your viewer.
✦ With Second Life official viewer (A.K.A. V3):  Go to Preferences (ctrl+P) > Select Advanced tab > click on the "Clear Cache button > Apply > Ok, Ok > Restart your viewer
WARNING: After restarting, your viewer is going to be slower than the usual and you're going to be a cute little cloud (most of the times), but this is normal, just wait for your inventory to load completely and you're done.
Cleaning cache is very important, the performance of your computer and your viewer is going to be much better after this.
If you go out a lot (party, shopping, overcrowded places) I recommend you to do this once per week, but if you don't go out that much then once every two weeks is fine.

Also for a better performance of your computer make sure to clean it too! I personally recommend CCleaner, it is a free software and it's very helpful, feel free to Google it if you're interested :)

English is not my first language, my apologies in advanced if there are typos or misspellings.

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